Sangraal Pty Ltd

Sangraal Pty Ltd, was formed to commercialise the PET handle bottle in Australia under exclusive license from B&R Industries.

Wetherill Park Plant

Sangraal won a 5 year supply contract with P&N Beverages, effectively supplying all of P&N's 2+ litre bottle requirements.

Sangraal built a new injection and stretch blow moulding facility in Sydney, Australia to supply the P&N contract. The first phase of roll out began with supply of the 4 Litre version currently on the market which is produced by means of a 600 tonne injection machine using 16 cavity injection tooling incorporating the handle technology with finished bottles blown on a technology specific ADS G63-SH 3 cavity stretch blow moulding machine capable of producing more than 12 million 4 litre bottles per year. Palletisation is undertaken by an automated robotic bottle palletizing and strapping system.

Substantial interest has been received from other target customers that wish to incorporate the new handle bottle as part of their product line.

Plans are now well underway for second phase of the Australian rollout to include the 2 3 & 5 litre variations for supply to P&N and other customers. Preforms and bottles will be produced utilizing increased cavitation equipment, achieving higher production output capability. The product has also undergone light weighting optimisation in order to further reduce the raw material component used achieving an even more environmentally friendlier product.

Snagraal Pty Ltd

Haitai ADS top Palletiser

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