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Research and Development has been an obvious catalyst for growth and since the advent of PET stretch blowmoulding, the market place has benefited from a vast array of enhancements and improvements. One development however, which has proved highly elusive to even the most well resourced of industry giants, is a PET bottle with an integrally moulded handle.

The plastics industry has long been searching for a way to integrate handles on large PET plastic bottles. The myriad of Bail handles, strap handles and attached handles in the market bear witness to the demand for a plastic bottle with a handle to aid in ease of handling and regulation of pouring fluids.


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PET remains the only comparable alternative to glass in the containment of shelf life juice and carbonated beverages. PET is clearly the dominant material by means of recycleability, clarity, barrier properties, strength and price. Until now the technology has not existed to produce a PET bottle with an integrally moulded handle using two stage high volume Injection/Stretch Blow Moulding manufacturing processes.

B&R Industries has solved the problem and has developed and patented the technology to manufacture a stretch blow moulded PET bottle with an integral handle. In addition B&R have incorporated the technology within standard PET injection/stretch blow moulding equipment and have demonstrated the successful commercialization of the technology.

B&R has exclusive technical knowledge that will see the 'new generation' of PET bottles catapult their way to market prominence. As packaging for a broad range of liquid products, the centre of gravity, integral handle PET bottle will quite simply be unrivalled.

For containers of around 2 litres in capacity and above, it is desirable that the containers include a handle or convenient gripping means of some kind, both for initial transport of the container from point of purchase to point of consumption and also to aid in pouring during consumption of the contents of the container. Until the advent of the new technology, handles have been attached to PET containers in an entirely separate production step, most usually by the addition of a PVC strap attached to the neck of the PET container. It is inherently more cost effective to produce a handled container made entirely of PET including the handle in one production process than to do so in a process which requires the production and attachment of a handle in a series of separate steps. Recyclability of the container after use also plays an important part.

The invention is simply about making the handling, storing, recycling, as well as the pouring of a drink, a more manageable and convenient experience for people. As well as the environmental considerations it will enable women and young children in particular to exercise more control over the carrying and pouring processes.

The aesthetic features of the PET bottle with a handle have been enhanced as a result of the technology. It offers all product ranges currently packaged in PET, the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of these enhancements and is an added inducement for those products that have the potential to be packaged in PET, to make the transition.

The core concept is the production of a clear plastic container made entirely from PET material including an integral PET handle that on the final blown bottle product will be positioned at a point that is centre of gravity. A container such as this is manufactured in a two stage process.

The first stage comprises producing a 'preform' by injection moulding PET resin to produce a test-tube shaped precursor complete with handle integrally attached.

The second stage of the process comprises taking the preform after it has been left for a suitable curing time, reheating it to a blow temperature and then passing it through a specially enhanced stretch blow moulding machine which forces the preform to conform to the desired shape of the bottle, still complete with an integral PET handle.

We are undoubtedly at the leading edge of technology that is protected by worldwide patents inclusive of design and method of manufacture.

As PET is a preferred material for packaging worldwide because of its recyclability, the ability to recycle is much improved where the PET container in question is made entirely from PET as there are then no contaminants in the PET entering the recycling process as with a separately attached handle made from a different polymer.

B&R have now commercialized the technology to produce an integral handle range of PET bottles, something no one has been able to do. Even without the handle PET leads the way in the packaging of beverages for a number of reasons such as:

Products that can benefit from the B&R PET integrated handle Bottle:

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