PET product research and development

B&R Industries is a PET product research and development Company and is the intellectual property holder of the PET Integral Handle Bottle process with a global patent portfolio covering all aspects of the Integral Handle PET container technology and method of manufacture, including patent and design registrations awarded in Australia and New Zealand.

P&N 4Lt Juice & Water Glenn Beale, the Chief Technical officer and inventor of the PET handle technology, together with co-founder and Chief Executive Officer David Reece, founded B&R Industries in 2002 undertaking the necessary key pre-commercial development and funding activities necessary to bring the Handle Bottle technology to market.

Sangraal Pty Ltd, in Sydney, Australia have commenced commercial fulfilment of their supply contract with P&N Beverages, which will effectively swap out all of P&N's existing bottles in volumes 2 litres and over. Substantial interest has also been received from other target customers that wish to incorporate the new PET handle bottle as part of their product line.

Having successfully commercialized the new generation PET Integral Handle Bottle, expressions of interest in the technology are being sought internationally.

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